About Us

Like all of us, koilys started with a mom. One of our best friends got married and decided to have a child. While perfectly healthy and in her mid-20s, she suffered three miscarriages in a row. Doctors couldn’t explain it. It was devastating to watch her go through that. As her friends, we wanted to support and comfort her as much as we could...but a lot of this journey was out of everyone’s hands. Luckily, after some time and with a little medical intervention, her fourth pregnancy resulted in a beautiful baby girl. It was a miracle. 

While everyone around her expected the miracle baby to relieve the stress and worry of the pregnancy, we watched our friend go through debilitating anxiety. After the birth of her daughter, she became deeply weighed down by the stress to keep her daughter safe and the fear of losing her. This was shocking to us. Our friend was an accomplished world traveller, risk taker and even diverboth sky and scuba. 


You see, the friend we know is a devout believer that people learned by doingeven if it meant sustaining minor injuries to capture important life lessons. But anxiety had taken a hold on her. She limited her daughter to friendly “bubble” activities: parks far away from roads, the mall (yes – someone who hiked Machu Picchu took her daughter to play at the mall) and vacations exclusively to safe beach destinations.

When her daughter turned two this year, our friend (who was physically and emotionally exhausted) realized that enough was enough. One day, she blurted, “How is she supposed to grow up to be a well-adjusted adult who can tackle whatever life throws at her when I spend every waking hour safeguarding her from any obstacles?” 


Understanding her concerns about stifling her daughters’ curiosity, we began looking into options that would help her manage her anxiety as she was broadening her daughter's independence. It was then we found koilys. It was a hit! Our friends and family found it super helpful and the kids enjoyed being out of their stroller in crowded areas. We decided that we wanted to share this product with others and wanted to help parents and guardians answer the question that we can all relate to: "How do I keep my child safe but also give them the independence to explore the beautiful things that this world does have to offer?" We, and families who have tested this product, believe that koilys can help solve this problem. 

Hopefully, together we CAN build a world of less criticism, and more understanding. Less shaming and more compassion. Less judgment, and more love.

- Nina & Aastha, Founders of koilys



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